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Cain Chiropractic Rehab & Laser, PC

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(303) 399-2447
1720 S Bellaire St Ste 1210
Denver, CO 80222
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Get out of the heat with MASSAGE!

Dr. Cain specializes in Cold Laser Neurology, as well as musculoskeletal treatment (precise adjustments, either manual &/OR instrument/ low force methods). Cold Laser Neurology can make all the difference in recovery time & finding hidden injuries. She is knowledgeable in nutritional supplements & can often identify deficiencies & make suggestions to aid in healing. This holistic approach to patient care is more comprehensive, & is what sets her treatments apart from traditional Chiropractic care. The results of working with the skeleton, muscles AND nerves achieves faster results and often is the answer to more complete injury recovery and better well-being. If you prefer a female Chiropractor in Denver that can do gentle adjustments, OR, traditional Diversified adjustments, Dr. Cain adapts her treatments to what your body needs. TAKING CARE OF DENVER AREA PATIENTS SINCE 1998!

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(303) 399-2447
(303) 691-5772

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Dr. Cain is knowledgeable not only with chiropractic care but nutrition and sports medicine. I had the beginnings of carpal tunnel, terrible issues with my balance, and blood sugar problems. After a month, my energy levels were higher, I was sleeping better, my balance was 100% better and I wasn't having sugar crashes every afternoon. In addition to thorough adjustments and nerve treatment, Dr. Cain and her staff provide ultrasound heat treatment for problem areas as well as other massage and heat therapies with every appointment. I thought I was going to have a 5 minute adjustment and be done. After 2 hours of therapy with ultrasound and roller tables, I left the office feeling like I'd had a mini spa session. Dr. Cain can prescribe enzyme supplements to help with digestion, blood sugar levels, and overall well being. She doesn't try to "sell" you anything you don't want or don't need. She's very attentive and actually listens to everything you tell her about your body and how you feel. She's extremely professional and personable. I always look forward to my visits. Don't let lack of coverage keep you from seeing Dr. Cain if you need it. Her staff is very knowledgeable about insurance and will help you get the info you need. I can't recommend Dr. Cain enough. She's a gem of a chiropractor and has helped me become healthier than I've ever been in the past.


www.CainChiro.com Your first visit with Dr. Cain will include a neurological & Chiropractic (musculo-skeletal) evaluation of your condition. You will receive precise adjustments, either manual &/or instrument/low force methods, in conjunction with Cold/Soft Laser Neurology treatment. She may also recommend physical therapy modalities to help you feel better faster. Dr. Cain often provides you with specific exercises, suggested lifestyle changes &/or other support products, services or other recommendations. Dr. Cain specializes in Cold Laser Neurology, as well as musculoskeletal treatment. She is knowledgeable in nutritional supplements & can often identify deficiencies & make suggestions to aid in healing. This holistic approach to patient care is more comprehensive, & is what sets her treatments apart from usual Chiropractic care. The results of working neurologically as well as musculoskeletally, achieves faster results & often is the answer to more complete injury recovery & better well-being. Dr. Cain combines many different techniques & methods of adjusting, depending on what your body needs. She has both adjusting instruments/tools (Activator, Arthrostim) & specialized tables (Thompson Drop, Flexion-Distraction, Intersegmental Traction Roller Tables), as well as PT modalities (deep heat ultrasound, EMS, traction) to speed your healing. If you prefer a female Chiropractor that can do gentle adjustments, or, traditional Diversified Palmer-trained adjustments, Dr. Cain adapts her treatments to what your body needs. If you are seeking acute injury care for neck pain, back pain, jaw pain / TMJ, disc pain, headaches / migraines, carpal tunnel, sciatica, SI joint pain, pinched nerve from a sports injury, fall, car accident, repetitive stress injury, or just life itself, Chiropractic can help speed your recovery. If you are seeking wellness care/ "tune-ups" / natural health care, basic spinal alignment, or pain management for chronic conditions such as scoliosis, disc pain, Fibromyalgia, pinched nerves, arthritis, etc. Chiropractic can often provide the alternative wellness relief you are looking for to get you back into functional life. Cain Chiropractic also has a wonderful Licensed Massage Therapist on staff to speed the healing of your injured areas with deep tissue / therapeutic massage, or to relax & pamper yourself with Hot Stone or Swedish massage. Your first visit will be a minimum of 1 & 1/2 hours: 1 hour with Dr. Cain & 30 minutes of complimentary physical therapy modalities (i.e. therapeutic ultrasound, flexion-distraction, EMS, heat/cold, roller table/intersegmental traction, etc.) to speed your healing. Follow up visits will be a minimum of an hour: 30 minutes with Dr. Cain & 30 minutes of complimentary physiotherapy modalities. Visits are by appointment only.

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I first met Dr. Cain when I had fallen in the shower and given myself a stiff neck. I could barely move and every other chiropractor gave me a song and dance about waiting a month to see new patients. Dr. Cain rebooked a vacation flight to a later time so that she could help me. This was in 2002. Since then she has helped nurse me through concussions, pinched nerves, a broken nose, a car accident and numerous aches and pains. I'm an Aries - I like to hit my head on concrete sidewalks for fun. I don't think I've even met anyone who loves what they do more than she does. She truly cares deeply about the health and well being of every one of her patients. I believe that the natural supplements she has introduced me too help hasten my recovery from recent knee surgery and also help keep my arthritis in check. She is a font of medical and nutritional and herbal knowledge and a mean swing dancer to boot. You will never regret a visit to Dr. Cain. Her support staff is wonderful and caring as well. Having a certified massage therapist in the office made my recovery complete. She's the best!!

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My entire family & I drive from Colorado Springs to Denver just to see Dr. Karen Cain. She is the best doctor we've ever found, & worth every mile of the drive to I-25 & CO Boulevard to see her. The neurologic testing & muscle work she does makes all the difference in how quickly you feel better. Dr. Cain has helped me through hip pain, sciatica, shoulder pain, headaches, given me supplements to heal my broken bones faster after a freak accident, & my sons through low back pain, shoulder injuries, tailbone injuries, & basic re-alignment for my daughter after a fall from a tree! Once in a while we go to a chiro down here in the Springs, but if they can't fix us completely, we always end up at Dr. Cain's knowing she will find the problem & fix it fast. I try to convince all of my friends to drive up to see this fabulous woman chiropractor--who is gentle yet so effective. She has a very kind, caring & helpful staff--the whole office is great. A lot of quality care for your buck.


I've had more sports injuries than I can possibly count. Been to lots of different chiropractors too, & they helped keep me on the field for the most part that is. I thought I'd have lingering aches and pains all the time for the rest of my life--until going to this doctor. She looks for and treats injuries from head to foot & finds every pain you have. Because the other doc.s did not treat my nerve injuries, I was never as good as I could be. Dr. Cain has gotten rid of my constant shoulder pains, arm weakness, low back pain, rib pain, neck aches,headaches, leg nerve weakness, hip pain, knee pain, elbow pain, straightened my tailbone after knocking it out snowboarding, helped my wrists, and even got rid of my heartburn & indigestion. You can hardly believe it--this woman can treat everything. She also has more tools and fancy tables to adjust you with than I've ever seen, and all the physical therapy devices I used to get in PT sessions. It's like a one stop shop, when you include the massage. The MDs made me quit my most dangerous sports when i was 32, now 15 years later I feel better than ever and am tempted to play them all again--except I don't want to undo all of Dr. Cain's good work-she probably would not appreciate that! I still do all kinds of sports that I thought I might have to give up before, and I feel good doing them. I recommend this chiropractor over all others to everyone, ESPECIALLY if you are a sports fanatic. The laser nerve treatments make all the difference to healing injuries and getting rid of pain. So high tech you can hardly believe it. Whether you have insurance or not, this chiro is worth every penny. I've taken my whole family to be treated by her, and we feel she's worth her weight in gold to us. She treats my daughter's dance injuries, my son's skateboarding and snowboarding injuries, gotten rid of my mother's migraines, sciatica, & foot problems, & keeps me able to do physical labor & my sports. If you want the best female chiropractor-better even than all the guys I went to (& a lot better looking than allthose guys-LOL)- around all of the Denver area, this one is it.

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