Dick Clark Remembered

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Dick Clark Remembered

Post by coloradojoe » Thu Apr 19, 2012 8:36 am

I remember well the first time I met Dick Clark and I've NEVER shared this incident until now.

It was the summer of 1964. I was on the air at WIDE-AM in Biddeford Maine, a small 1000 watt station. The Dick Clark Caravan of Stars Show (bus tour) was appearing at nearby Old Orchard Beach at the Palace.
A month earlier, I had sent Dick a letter requesting an interview him when the bus pulled in to town. He rep-lied saying, "sure, meet me at the bus stop in the morning and we'll do breakfast!" I couldn't believe it! Talk about excited! Five years earlier, like millions of other teenagers, I was watching my broadcast guru on TV and now I was not only about to meet him in person, but invited to have breakfast! To say the least I was thrilled. Life was good!!

The morning of the big day arrived and there I was "shaking in my boots," standing on the street corner in Old Orchard Beach. It was around nine in the morning, when the big bus pulled in to town and came to a stop in front of a local restaurant. The first person off the bus was Dick. He greeted me with the biggest smile and warmest handshake and said, "man, I've been up all-night and I'm hungry. Come on, Joe, let's go have breakfast!" How cool is this, I thought!!
During our breakfast, Dick, who had recorded promo's for everyone at the station, between bites, asked me if I'd like to introduce one of the acts on his show that night! "Are you kidding, me!" I replied, practically choking on my bacon and eggs! "What time do you want me here?"

That night, I was backstage nervously pacing back and forth, going over my notes. I didn't want to blow my intro as I was about to introduce a trio of ladies on stage. The Palace ballroom was packed to the rafters and it was insufferably hot (no air conditioning back then) and all the windows were open in hopes of grabbing a slight sea-breeze off the ocean. As I was about to walk out on stage. Dick called me back and said, "Joe, we just got word that the girls have picked up their first #1 hit. Give them a huge introduction. "Yes sir, " I nodded, "you got it!!
The girl group were the Supremes and their first #1 hit --- Where Did Our Love Go, which I got to introduce to the screaming teen audience on that sultry July night back in 1964 !! (an interesting side-bar, the Supremes began the DC tour as 3rd or 4th on the bill. By the end they were the headliners!)
Now, it's important to know a couple of things. Dick didn't have to let me introduce the group. It was his show and he was the host. At any moment, he could have pulled me off the assignment, and I would have totally
understood. He didn't. Instead, he let a young "would be" radio personality--working at a small thousand watt radio station do the honors! It was a supreme moment in my budding radio career and something I will never, ever forget. Talk about a generous person. I will ALWAYS remember his kindness.

Dick and I became fast friends and stayed in touch all through the years. Whenever I asked him to appear on my show, he always made "time." What greater gift can one give another than the gift of one's time! He was
a wonderful, giving person. In the late 80's, he asked me to appear on one of his television specials, America Picks the #1 Hits as one of the celebrity air-talents. I was humbled to be asked.
I would always open my oldies show every Saturday night on WROR-98.5 Boston from 1980 until 1992 with Dick's American Bandstand theme. The instrumental version by Les Elgart. It was my way of paying tribute to the man.

A few years ago, while writing my upcoming book, Radio Pro--The making of an on-air personality and what it takes, (pub: by BearManorMedia and released this June) I was in touch with Dick and his wife, Kari to obtain permission to include a photo of Dick in my book. Of course, his answer was "sure."
America has lost a true broadcast pioneer, who loved radio and those involved in it. While those of us, who knew Dick, and felt his encouraging words have lost a dear friend. May God bless his soul.

Joe Martelle
Mesa, Colorado

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Re: Dick Clark Remembered

Post by jmcdan » Wed Apr 25, 2012 12:22 pm

I only met Dick Clark once when I was a 16 year old DJ in a small town in NC. He was filming a movie near my home "Killers 3". I remember he was killed in the movie and it was the first time I had seen how they make the realistic gun shot work. They put a mattress and tied a rope around him to yank him back when the blast got him. Really nice guy and did liners too for me. Took time to talk to me as a young broadcaster. God has a good guy back home.

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Re: Dick Clark Remembered

Post by mockspeed » Thu Apr 26, 2012 1:59 pm

Hall Talk is 100 percent correct. Danno, you don't what you're talking about. Clark was up to his neck in illegal bribes, conflicts of interests, etc. He sold out other jocks as Clark portrayed a clean cut image and false front. Clark also owned pressing plants. Compare that to Alan Freed, who was treated like dirt, and ultimately died at a young age. Before you post white washed stories get the facts. I have no doubt Clark could be great guy, and was a brilliant business man. But this image of Clark as some kind of hero is a joke. Alan Freed was the hero in the development of rock and roll radio.

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Re: Dick Clark Remembered

Post by mockspeed » Fri Apr 27, 2012 11:10 pm

Clark was never considered a threat to the establishment Danno, Freed was. Clark was Mister Vanilla.

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Re: Dick Clark Remembered

Post by pbergin » Tue May 01, 2012 7:51 am

Halltalk is right, Dick Clark was as much a manipulator of the early rock stars as anyone else in those days. He was also the direct conduit for all those Philly (mostly Cameo/Parkway) artists... Chubby Checker, Frankie Avalon, Fabian, Bobby Rydell, The Dovells etc etc... to stardom. They recorded the songs he told them to, gave him some writer credit in some cases, appeared on the show and they gave him safe, non-controversial, smiling performers for his TV show. A symbiotic relationship as far as I'm concerned. I'll give that a 10 because it's got a good beat, and it's easy to dance to!

I might have a special insight to this, I started out as a musician... AMOF Dick played some records I was on... and I can tell you the industry in those days simply worked that way.

Even after the payola scandal, our manager would bribe jocks to play our stuff. One one occasion when he needed a few spins to report back to Cashbox, he promised an influential Detroit jock an appearance by one of the hotter artists on the label at the guy's dance, thereby guaranteeing a huge crowd.

Another time he met another, well known Detroit jock in the parking lot of the station... they wouldn't allow him in the building... and told him "My niece and her friend are in town tonight, they're staying at the "... " Hotel. I can't take the time to show them around but here's the key to the room, could you go over?"

He got the spins!

Dick was no better, or no worse than the others. I did some shows for him back in the day, he was a great guy to work with.

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Re: Dick Clark Remembered

Post by realdealradio » Sun Jun 03, 2012 6:59 am

All I know is Dick Clark and Alan Freed are both more than likely sitting up in heaven holding hands and laughing at all of us down here for all the bickering going on. And keep in mind that 'ain't no trailer hitch on the back of a hearse'. You can't take it with you. All the royalties no matter how obtained aren't helping Mr. Clark now and on the flip side Alan Freed is relieved of all his worldly pain.

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Re: Dick Clark Remembered

Post by thecheese » Sun Jun 03, 2012 8:18 am

danno wrote:Halftalk, you are ONLY one Ranting on this blog against the memory of Dick Clark, that should tell you something.
Fuck Dick Clark.

He's no saint. He grabbed Rock & Roll by the balls and squeezed every drop out of it he could. Not for the betterment of humanity, or to make the world a better place through song, but to fill his wallet.. and his protege' Ryan Seacrest is doing the same.

Or do you really think Ryans hair product habit is so bad he NEEDS to work a half dozen shows a day?

Dick Clark ripped off countless artists. It might have been 'legal' but that don't make it right.

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Re: Dick Clark Remembered

Post by thecheese » Sun Jun 03, 2012 7:17 pm

Call it what it is. That's all.

People want to talk about what a humanitarian and all around nice guy Dick Clark was because he stopped in your station and did a couple of "Hey this is Dick Clark and you're listening to KSUX.." out of the goodness of his heart.. what a super guy.


All i'm saying is, how about all the people he fucked in the ass? You suppose they think he's a swell guy as they're limping to the mailbox every month to get their SSI check?

I think it might be YOU that's envious that some of us have the testicular fortitude to call a spade a spade.

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Re: Dick Clark Remembered

Post by thecheese » Mon Jun 04, 2012 4:15 pm

danno wrote:its time for YOU to step up to the plate pal, instead of hurling ACCUSATIONS you can't back up, tell me and everybody just WHO he screwed, AND HOW, BE SPECIFIC, or SHUT UP. "These People" you are NOT naming, appearantly have enough CLASS NOT to TRASH him in death, and i never read about them trashing him in life. c'mon, let this man Rest In Peace.
Ok, "Pal".. i'll list ONE Dick Clark ass rape victim a day until I get bored.

Let's start with Roger Fallihee from Seattle, Washington.

Powerfucked (sans lube) by America's Eternal Teenager and all around Patron Saint of Radio, Dick Clark, to the tune of $20,000.

Roger blogged about it on APRIL 19, 2012.

Those of you who always suspected that perhaps Dick Clark was a no good motherfucker (or at the least, wasn't as squeaky clean as he appeared) may have already google'd something like "Dick Clark fucked me" .. in which case, you'd already know Rogers story.

But here's a link to his blog so you can READ ALL ABOUT IT.

Enjoy! And stay tuned for tomorrows exciting episode of, "Dick Clark Fucked Me In My Ass!" brought to you by Anal Ease(tm) brand lubricant.. reminding you that ANYTIME is a great time to FUCK SOMEONE UP THE ASS with Anal Ease(tm)!

Anal Ease(tm).. It's the ONE that NUMBS!

Dick Clark: RIP Or Rot In Hell?

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Re: Dick Clark Remembered

Post by thecheese » Tue Jun 05, 2012 7:28 am

25 years in radio, and you've never encountered a situation when someone DIDN'T call someone a prick publicly that could destroy them? You've never bit into a sponsors hamburger and told listeners it was great when it wasn't?

25 years in radio. What is it you're doing now? APPEARANTLY it's not judging spelling bees, or working on your reading comprehension, so let me break it down for you.
danno wrote:its time for YOU to step up to the plate pal, instead of hurling ACCUSATIONS you can't back up, tell me and everybody just WHO he screwed,
Roger Fallihee from Seattle, Washington.
danno wrote:AND HOW, BE SPECIFIC, or SHUT UP.
Ordered over $20,000 worth of stuff and didn't pay. Read it in his own words >> RIGHT HERE <<
danno wrote: "These People" you are NOT naming,
Roger Fallihee from Seattle, Washington.
danno wrote: appearantly have enough CLASS NOT to TRASH him in death
Again, Read it in his own words >> RIGHT HERE <<
danno wrote:and i never read about them trashing him in life.
Somehow I get the impression you're just not a well read individual.. except for perhaps Teen Beat and Dr. Seuss

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